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Hey Smarty pants, trying to spot a poorly shod shoemaker?

We’re glad you’re here, you are the type of users we want!

Here are the main points (but please scroll below for more details):

  • By using our Site and Services you agree to these Terms (Browser wrap agreement)
  • Our services do NOT constitute legal advice. You remain responsible for the agreements you ultimately accept – even after using our services.
  • Our services are meant to be free for reasonable use by individual consumers – anything else is strictly forbidden. 
  • When you provide us with feedback, (feature suggestions, feedback on specific clauses flagged,…), you grant us a full license to exploit it, royalty-free. 
  • Privacy Recap: We need an email to send you important info, we otherwise use a private API Key to anonymize the usage data we collect.


We are iagree AI (legally known as Solution iAgree Inc.),  based in Montreal, Quebec. 

You, well, you likely know yourself. 

Limitation of Liability and Warranty

Our services do not constitute legal advice. We are not lawyers!

We are a tool to help you make YOUR OWN decision. 

You remain ultimately responsible for the agreements you accept online. We do not replace reading those agreements. What we do, is identify clauses that are potential deal breakers for you (ex: No Refund Clause) and save you the time that would be required for you to spot them, but sometimes we can miss it. Before you formally accept any agreement, you should read the entire document. 

We cannot guarantee that we will catch every claim that would be important to you. We also cannot guarantee that our services do not have bugs, that we won’t be victims of security breaches. We’ll do our best, but the service might be down sometimes. 

We therefore are not liable, under any circumstances, for the damages that you might incur from using our services. 

We hope our company survives forever, but probably won’t, so we could stop offering our services at any time.

Our Privacy Policy

As you can imagine, we are pretty picky about our own privacy and we know you are too, otherwise our services would have limited interest.We designed our services with a Privacy first approach. 

To use our services, you will need a user API Key. 

The key allows us to instantly anonymize all the usage data we collect so there is no way to trace it back to you. 

The anonymous usage data we collect is:

  • Number of times the service was run
  • Websites the service was run on
  • Feedback provided on flagged sentences

This allows us to know how our services are being used and make decisions on what directions to give our solution. 

You will obtain a key by visiting our website. We will ask for your email address, so we can send the key to you. 

Your email address will be stored to communicate with you important information (like changes to our Terms, security breaches, ect.). However, we will NOT keep the key associated with your email. Make sure you keep this key if you want to use your account on another device. 

When you visit our website, we don’t track anything. We do not own any personal data. 

What you cannot do:

Our services are meant to be free for reasonable use by individual consumers – anything else is strictly forbidden. If you are interested in using this for professional purposes, please contact us. 

So, you cannot use our site or services to SPAM, spread harmful code, flood our API,…

The content we provide to users remains our property, and you therefore do not own it and cannot collect, copy, distribute, etc.. it. 

If you fail to comply with those rules, we will terminate your account and the obligations of these terms will remain. 

Also, if your failure to comply leads to legal problems for us, you will be responsible for the damages and associated fees.

Your content:

Our services are meant to analyze the Terms and Privacy Policies of websites you visit and services you might use. You then are able to provide feedback on the sentences we identified as key to this agreement. You can also provide general comments and suggestions regarding our services and website. 

By sending us this feedback, you are granting us a license to use it however we want with no compensation to you. 


If you get really upset and want to sue us, here is what you need to know :

  • You have one year to take action, 
  • This agreement is governed by Quebec laws, enjoy your stay!
  • In the event a Quebec court rules that one or more of the clauses are not valid, the rest of them remain valid
  • We mentioned above that we are not responsible for any damages, therefore we set our max liability at $1. 

Changes to these terms:

We are still a fairly young company and we are rapidly evolving. This means that we might have to change how we operate and therefore change these Terms. If we do, we’ll notify you ahead of time by email and also post the changes here. If you keep using our services following those changes, we’ll consider that you agree to them. 

You made it till the end!!!  Keep up the good work!

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