Montreal, Canada – November 23rd, 2020

iagree AI : Artificial Intelligence helping you understand those pesky Terms & Conditions!

Browser extension using Artificial Intelligence to spot “key” clauses in Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policies launching in Beta today

iagree AI is a Browser Extension that detects when you are required to “agree” to the Terms & Conditions on a website and suggests to analyze the legal text for you. iagree AI takes this interminable (2,500 words on average) and unreadable (without a college degree) text, runs it through its Machine-Learning Algorithm and flags  the clauses deemed “important”.

We group clauses together under specific themes” states Charles Lesieur, Founder and CEO of iagree AI. “Those themes were created based on what initial Beta Testers have identified and mainly fall under two categories:  Financial Impact (Hidden Fees, No-refund, Subscription Traps, Credit Card Pre-authorisation,…) and Privacy (Collection of Information, Data Management, Licence to your Content,…).” specifies Lesieur.

“The genesis of the project is my own frustration over the constant need to tick boxes stating ‘I agree’, I felt like this had no meaning anymore and I strive for my word to be my bond” continues Lesieur. “I was working in the field of Artificial Intelligence and realized we could apply it to this problem”.

While people’s trust in tech companies keeps declining in recent years, the current pandemic is forcing consumers to increasingly use online services, and therefore agree to terms and conditions. “We want to bring more transparency into this obscure world, so that consumers can make better informed decisions to protect their data and their wallets,” concludes Lesieur.

Pricing and availability:

iagree AI is available in Beta today for free for Chromium-based Browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera,…).

Sign up for the Beta here and receive a “Key” within 48 hours here.

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